Creative Family

All the free materials are free for personal and commercial use (CC0 1.0 Universal license). You can do whatever you want with them.

Makako Shop was created by a Makako family. I worked on graphic design, while my husband Gergő supported all the marketing projects and financing.

It all started when I was suffering from postpartum depression and decided to write this short guide as a therapy: “How to Stay Above the Blues”. I am a graphic designer, so I started to illustrate it. To help other women I gave it away for free.

I immediately fell in love with drawing and digital illustration. I decided to learn it better so I drew every day since then.

Family life is hard but also fun. I decided that I need more positive images in my life. I started from simple wall art that everyone could use in their homes.

I have always wanted to improve education for my children. Unfortunately, even at the nursery age, it was very expensive. So I had to create my own. I started with easy to print at home cards with objects that children could learn from. Inspired by Montessori activities I wanted my kids to explore and be independent. Then I realized that Montessori schools are very hard to apply at home.

Since education is not easy, toys are expensive and parents don’t have time implementing complex theories, I started to research in different ways. As a graphic designer, the design thinking process is very close to me and I decided to start my own research and workshops with my own children. Stay with us to see my progress!

I decided to share this project for free to let other children enjoy it too.

Once I started drawing daily I realized that creative illustrations can add a lot of character to business too. Since then, I decided to draw something for every branding I create!

I designed and developed and hosted the website on my own.  If you would like to support my project, you can get me a coffee.

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