Creative Family

All the free materials are free for personal and commercial use (CC0 1.0 Universal license). You can do whatever you want with them.

Makako Shop was created by a Makako family. I worked on graphic design, while my husband Gergő supported all the marketing projects and financing.

It all started when I was suffering from postpartum depression and decided to write this short guide as a therapy: “How to Stay Above the Blues”. I am a graphic designer, so I started to illustrate it. To help other women I gave it away for free.

I immediately fell in love with drawing and digital illustration. I decided to learn it better so I drew every day since then.

Family life is hard but also fun. I decided that I need more positive images in my life. I started from simple wall art that everyone could use in their homes.

I have always wanted to improve education for my children. Unfortunately, even at the nursery age, it was very expensive. So I had to create my own. I started with easy to print at home cards with objects that children could learn from. Inspired by Montessori activities I wanted my kids to explore and be independent. I decided to share this project for free to let other children enjoy it too.

At the beginning of our journey, Gergő said that we should always choose excitement over comfort. It became our family and business quote. I would like to share with you our family adventures, educational studies, and my design work progress.

I designed and developed and hosted the website on my own.  If you would like to support my project, you can get me a coffee.

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