Free Ebook “10 ways to help mothers with depression right now”

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Easy to read guide to help you with postpartum depression right now. Please contact me if you cannot afford it and I will send you a free copy.

Help with Postpartum Depression

10 ways to help mothers with depression right now

A short guide to help you with your postpartum depression right now. Spiced with a lot of humor and irony, and actual steps and recommendation after each chapter. Written by a mom of two, with no medical terms but simple solutions. If you are struggling with postpartum depression while taking care of your children this is the right place for you. Therapy is very expensive and time-consuming. Because of that, we don’t always have the support right away. This is a guide to help you before you can get medical help. If you cannot afford it, please contact me and I will send you the PDF version for free.

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About the author: Joanna Varró is a Graphic Designer working with clients all over the world. After seven years of experience in agencies and the financial industry, she started her own design studio. Makako Advertising, helps parents start their own businesses. Working with families taught her how to understand people and to create solutions that align with their behavior and emotion. Being a mother of two, she quickly learned from her own experience that work-life balance is very important in family life. Together with her husband, she implemented this lifestyle at home and in Makako Advertising. She is passionate about design for social impact and education. Illustration and book design are her best weapons. She is an active member and volunteer in projects that support equality in parenting. Joanna has Polish blood but graduated Graphic Design in 2013 in Cyprus. Her focus during studies was on educational materials for children. When she is not drawing, she also enjoys family adventures in nature and kickboxing.

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