Postpartum Body

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Postpartum body illustration

I’m always happy to get a moment in my Spice Girls shoes and lipstick. It took me forever to start going out and dressing up other than my pajamas. I was always frustrated to fit into my old clothes. Until I gave them all away. It was easier that way. I was happy to be the new me. Moms should embrace their new postpartum body. Getting out of leggings feels good despite the few extra kilos. As my wise friend said it took 9 months to build a human (x2 in my case). So you need to give your body time to change its shape again. I am taking the time and I’m feeling good in my skin 🖤 .

Technical: Best at 15×15 cm print. Digital download.

Free for personal and commercial use (CC0 1.0 Universal license). You can do whatever you want with them.

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